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Silver Leaf (Nuqra Khas)

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Edible silver foil - chandi varak, chandi vark, varak or varakh is an edible foil of pure elemental silver that is used for garnishing indian sweets such as barfi and others. The silver is edible, though flavourless.

Silver Leaves are made by pounding silver into a thin sheet a few micrometres thick. It is backed with paper and peeled before use. It is extremely brittle and breaks into smaller pieces if touched.

The sheets are laid or rolled over indian "sweets" made from dates, nuts and various fruit and vegetable based rolls or sheet candies and cakes too. Most of these "sweets" have a rich, nutty taste.

So, go ahead and make such delightful recipes of sweets and garnish them with this edible silver foil. The foil is perfect for puja prashad or festive sweet delicacies.

It is often added to champagne, fine baked goods, candies, and a holiday cake creates exquisite desserts and memorable dining experiences.

it is 100% pure silver foil and has no copper content at all and is safe to eat.

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