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Ginger Powder 100g

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Ground ginger is made by grinding dried ginger, the aromatic rhizome Zingiber officinale, into a fine powder. Ground ginger has a distinctive warm and pungent taste, and should be used sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Rather than being used as a substitute for fresh root ginger, ground ginger is used as a spice in its own right, which can be traced back to its early trading history when it was transported in its dried form.

Ground ginger is used in many spice mixtures, including France’s quatre épices and Ethiopian berbere; often used, too, in Chinese five spice powder. It is a spice which is used in both savoury and sweet dishes, Ground ginger is, of course, widely used in baking, from gingerbread men to biscuits. Use it to give a lift to pumpkin soups, in marinades or to make a gloriously indulgent ginger pudding.

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